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  • Dr. Amy Dobbie

Prevent Colds & Flus With Wet Socks (Seriously!)

The end of September marks the beginning of fall and the return of pumpkin spiced lattes, cozy scarves and beautiful coloured leaves. Unfortunately, it also means that cold and flu season is officially here.

One of my favourite ways to prevent nasty infections from settling in, is by using wet sock therapy!

It may sound counter-intuitive, but it truly is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep infections away.

Here’s Why it Works:

Cold socks on your feet alerts your body that you are cold, so your body responds by working harder to pump blood from your heart all the way down to your feet, trying to warm them up. This kicks your immune system into high gear and all of the immune cells floating around in your blood are pumped throughout the body to start looking for and fighting infections. Also, by moving circulation towards the feet, congestion in the head, throat and upper respiratory tract is reduced. Most patients report more restful sleep with the treatment.

Convinced yet? Here’s how it’s done:

You will need:

  • One pair of thin cotton socks

  • One pair of thick wool socks

  • Cold water

  • Feet


1. Soak the thin pair of socks in cold water

2. Wring out thoroughly and place on your feet (Trust me, it’s not that bad!)

Note: make sure your feet are warm before putting the socks on. If not, soak them in warm water first.

3.Cover wet socks with thick dry wool socks to prevent getting chilled

4. Leave on overnight and your body will warm up and dry the socks by morning

I recommend that patients do the wet sock treatment before bed as soon as they feel like a cold coming on or preventatively if others around them are sick. Repeat as many nights as needed (often only 1 or 2 nights). This treatment can be done at any age and is a great thing to do as a family if one or more members start to get sick.

Looking for more advice on cold and flu prevention? Book an appointment today to learn how to boost your immune system and stay healthy this winter!


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