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  • Dr. Amy Dobbie

Surviving the Two Week Wait

Time has never moved more slowly than during the dreaded two week wait; trying to find the balance between hopeful excitement and anxious worrying while you wait to hear if your natural cycle/timed intercourse/IUI/IVF transfer has resulted a successful pregnancy, or if, yet again, your period is on its way. Every twinge will have you guessing, hoping, or running to Dr. Google to search for “symptoms of pregnancy at 3 weeks”. You’ve done all that you can do and all that is left is just to wait.

So what can you do to make it a bit more bearable?

Make fun plans with people who are supportive

Pick some things that bring you joy and make sure to schedule them in advance. Surround yourself with people who understand what you’re going through or who find ways to lift you up. This may be a visit with your friend who has a cute puppy, a games night, crafting or a fun activity like checking out a band or a comedy show. Some days you may not feel like getting out of the house, but if you have a few fun distractions on the calendar, time will pass a lot faster. And a few laughs never hurt!

Get outside

Movement is good for blood flow, and a little fresh air can change your whole day. Get outdoors in the garden, watch the sunset or plan a walk with a friend.

Treat yourself to some new socks

Warm feet equal warm uterus, so why not treat yourself to a funky pair of cozy socks. And hey, why not also treat yourself to a new pedicure while you’re at it? You deserve it after all you’ve been through!

Meal prep in advance

You might feel tired or frustrated, and cooking may be the last thing on your mind. Chop up that fertility supporting pineapple in advance, and make up some tasty meals to enjoy over this two week period. This is especially true if you have dietary restrictions to stick to in this time.

Date Night

Plan a night out with your partner at a favourite restaurant, to watch a movie or even a last minute getaway to a spa or hotel. Reconnecting as a couple in a way that isn’t fertility focused can help bring back the love and joy, especially for timed cycles where intercourse can feel like a chore.

Allow yourself time to obsess

You’re going to have these thoughts and questions during the two week wait, but it can be hard to prevent them.

Allow yourself 10 minutes per day to obsess – out loud, on paper, in your head – and say all the things you’re wondering about.

Did it work? What if it didn’t? What if I have to do this all again next month? Will I be able to afford more fertility treatments? Should I have tried…? What if I took my medication at the wrong time? Was my lining thick enough? What will the next step be?

Ignore the symptoms & stay away from Dr. Google

It’s a recipe for stress to Google and search every last symptom you’re experiencing. Twinges may mean implantation, or they may mean nothing at all. Nausea may be a side effect of your medications, or the early hints of morning sickness. Scouring the fertility boards for success stories or reading about warning signs of miscarriage will not change the outcome at the end of the two week wait.

Choose a relaxing activity to clear your head

Yoga, meditation, journaling, deep breathing, or a creative project may be a great outlet to help keep yourself calm and relaxed during this time.

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