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My passion is helping families like yours to optimize health to conceive, thrive during pregnancy, and feel incredibly well.

I believe that healthcare should be empowering and customized to meet your needs, especially when navigating the complex worlds of fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. My practice focuses on wellness, using natural and evidenced-based therapies that treat the root cause of disease or discomfort, and are proactive for your future health (and the health of your baby!).

I understand how challenging and overwhelming fertility and pregnancy can be, and I am here to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re just starting to think about adding your family, are years in to working with a fertility clinic, or anywhere in between; I am here to help. All ages, genders, orientations, family structures and cultures are welcome. Read more about my approach here.

I am a Naturopathic Doctor and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences with a Minor in Psychology. Having spent years adding to these skills to serve you better, I have done additional learning in fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum including doula training, bio-identical hormone therapy, breastfeeding focused courses and more. I am also a partner with The Umbrella Project, a mental health initiative focused on building coping skills to navigate stress.

I look forward to working with you at Ebb & Flow Wellness in Burlington and The WOMB – World of My Baby in Milton.


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Balance your hormones, improve sperm parameters and optimize your body to conceive naturally, or using assisted reproductive therapies such as IUI, IVF, or surrogacy.

Feel great during pregnancy, reduce complications, prepare for an informed and empowered birth and thrive post partum. Set your little one up for the healthiest possible future.

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Dr. Amy is a partner with the Umbrella Project, which teaches families a collection of skills to protect us from the rain of life, in order to reframe our perception of challenges and strengthen the skills of well-being to positively cope with the everyday stresses of life.

Uncover hormonal imbalances, determine why you feel unwell, or identify your food sensitivities. Dr. Amy offers lab testing to help you feel your best!


This gentle, but powerful therapy can support your body in many ways, including preparing for labour, improving IUI and IVF success rates, and managing other health concerns including digestion, skin, stress, sleep and more. Dr. Amy also offers anti-aging facial rejuvenation acupuncture.

From digestive concerns to stress management to healthy aging, find the answers to help you feel great from head to toe. Naturopathic medicine is for everyone!

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Ebb & Flow Wellness: 5063 N Service Rd  Suite 100 (One Plan Building)



THE WOMB: 388 Main St E


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