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Mental Wellness for Families

Dr. Amy is a partner with the Umbrella Project, which teaches children and parents a collection of skills to protect them from the rain of life. The Umbrella Skills help to reframe our perception of challenges and strengthen the skills of well-being to positively cope with the everyday stresses of life.

The Umbrella Skills strategies can be assessed and built upon through one-on-one consultations with Dr. Amy. Learn about your child’s unique coping strengths and weaknesses, and uncover parenting best practices and tips to help your family choose well-being, even on the rainy days. 

Dr. Amy also offers this program as educational workshops for parents, teams, community groups and through professional development seminars for teachers. A teacher-led curriculum and school based program is also available for Kindergarten through Grade 12.


Host a Parent Night or Community Workshop

Bring The Umbrella Project To Your School

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