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Nourish yourself and your baby. Birth the way you want. Thrive post partum.

Naturopathic medicine helps women to nourish a healthy pregnancy and give their baby the best possible start to life. Using gentle and safe therapies, common concerns such as heartburn, nausea, leg cramps and fatigue can be well managed. By implementing a healthy diet and lifestyle, Dr. Amy can help you to reduce the risk of complications such as excess weight gain, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia. Dr. Amy teaches her patients which how to support growth and development of baby and also helps to take a preventative approach for baby to reduce rates of familial diseases, autism, allergies and eczema in your newborn.

Using Naturopathic medicine can help to prepare you to give birth the way you choose, whatever that means for you. Dr. Amy will help to navigate through decision-making regarding labour, support you with strategies such as acupuncture for optimal baby positioning and to bring on labour without induction, and reduce the rate of medical interventions including forceps, vacuum and Cesarean birth.

In the post-partum period, naturopathic medicine is a powerful tool to support recovery from Caesarean or vaginal birth and help new families thrive. By allowing Dr. Amy to be part of your village, she can help you to have more energy, improved milk supply, feel supported and reduce post-partum depression and anxiety as you settle in to motherhood.


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